Eat Less Salt in your Diet

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Is low salt diet healthy or unhealthy for your Kidneys?

Table Salt carries sodium and chloride minerals. Sodium mineral is usually needed for the proper function of our nerves and muscles. However, extra sodium consumption in the food can led to the retention of water in the blood vessels causing an increase in blood volume. This rise in blood volume causes an increase in blood pressure. High blood pressure is a common cause for kidney failure, heart disease and stroke.

Our Kidneys have an important role to control our Blood Pressure (BP) by regulation the salt (sodium) content in our body and by the generation of hormones inside the kidney called Renin and Aldosterone.

Investigations in humans have shown that high salt consumption raises protein leak in urine which is a higher risk factor for increasing kidney disease and cardiovascular disorder. Decreasing salt consumption from 10 to 5g / day in double-blind research has shown to decrease protein excretion by 20%. Similarly, extra salt consumption increases your chance of kidney stone formation. The minimum salt consumption in a healthy adult is 3.8 grams of salt, to replace the amount lost daily through sweat and excretion. The maximum salt an adult should consume is no more than 6 gm per day which is equal to 1.25 tablespoon of salt.

It is expected that an average Indian diet can carry about 8 to 11 grams of salt per day. By reducing the regular salt consumption to 6 grams per day will preserve your kidneys and at the same time provide the needed salts your body want to keep you well.

There is a number of ways to decrease salt consumption in our diet:

  • While preparing food we should try to favour our meals with spices rather than using excess salt.
  • Lemon juice or tamarind juice can be used to decrease salt in our plates.
  • Have curd rice without salt.
  • No added salt while having your meals. So, get rid of table salt from your dining table.
  • Decreased consumption of pickles and chutneys.
  • Reduce consumption of foods with large salt content such as Pizza, Bread, salted snacks such as biscuits, nuts, and potato chips, Ketchup, mayonnaise.
  • Prepared food also includes high salt and fat so it is beneficial to make your own fresh food.

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