Complications Due To Kidney Cysts

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Kidney Cysts in Detail

Kidney cysts are rounded pouches of liquid that form on or inside the kidneys.  It can be linked with dangerous diseases that may reduce the functions of the kidney. But generally, organ cysts are a type called simple kidney cysts — noncancerous growths that rarely produce complications.

We hadn’t clarify causes simple kidney cysts. Typically, only one cyst occurs on the surface of a kidney, but more than one cysts can affect your kidneys. However, simple kidney cysts aren’t the equivalent as the cysts that form with polycystic kidney disease.

Simple kidney cysts are often detected during an imaging test made for another situation. Simple kidney cysts that don’t displays conditions or symptoms which don’t require treatment.

Complications due to the Kidney cysts:

Some people may face kidney cysts produce because of the inherited disease which is called Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). This type of disease can produce symptoms like high blood pressure, pain in the back and side, blood in the urine or the frequent infection in the kidney.

Kidney cysts can sometimes lead to difficulties, including:

  • An infected cyst: A kidney cyst may be infected, which will cause fever and pain.
  • A burst cyst: A kidney cyst that bursts produces some pain in your back or side.
  • Urine obstruction: A kidney cyst that obstructs the normal flow of urine may lead to swelling of the kidney (hydro nephrosis).

Diagnosis of kidney cysts:

There are some Tests and procedures used to diagnose simple kidney cysts include:

Imaging test:

Imaging tests, such as an ultrasound, a computerized tomography (CT) scan and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), are often used to investigate simple kidney cysts. Imaging tests can help your doctor determine whether a kidney mass is a cyst or a tumor.

Kidney function test:

Testing a sample of your blood may clarify whether a kidney cyst is injuring to your kidney function.


Most normal kidney cysts are asymptomatic, meaning they do not cause any symptoms or issues. However, if a kidney cyst develops large enough, it may cause symptoms that do become noticeable.

These symptoms can include:

  • Dull pain in the back or side
  • Pain in the upper abdomen or hips
  • Fever if the cyst becomes infected
  • Blood in the urine
  • Need to urinate frequently

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