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Excellent advice and consultation done by Dr. Rajesh Dhake. I am visiting this Doctor for my father's ( 72 age prostate) treatment. He suggested that if just because of prostate size don't go for operation if the urine flow is normal with tablet. Very few Doctors care for patients he is among them. Thanks

Aniruddha Basagare

One of the best urologist who is very proficient, honest and knowledgeable. Moreover Dr.Dhake has the 'Time' to look after his patients and also explains everything so that a common man understands doctor languages. I would strongly recommend him as he is one of the few doctors who made my dad completely comfortable and always told us to not worry. My dad is 65 and after all the investigations he has provided us with all solutions.

Sijoy Vjrajan

I Was suffering from stones in left kidney, have visited the clinic and Dr. Rajesh had explained it so well that I was immediately ready to perform PCNL surgery as it was of size nearly 20mm. It was flawless experience. Had been admitted in the Ratna Hospital in morning and Dr. Dhake performed surgery on same day along with other team members from the very famous urology hospital. The staff in the hospital is very caring and alert. I really appreciate the ones who were there during night time. Surgery was done on Friday and got discharged on Sunday, it was that fast. There is absolutely no hassle in after surgery experience, just take care of yourself for a week after surgery and it will be ok. I strongly recommend Dr. Dhake for any urology queries and treatments and he will explain you every detail of it. Also, hospital has cashless facility as well if one has a medical insurance and want to avail the same.

Mayur Talodhikar

My wife was suffering from kidney stone and few days back she was in tremendous pain. We searched for the best urologist available around in Pune and got to know about Dr. Rajesh Dhake from lot many people. Soon we consulted him and underwent treatment. He operated the stone out and within 2-3 days there was much relief in pain. Whenever we feel like having any doubt regarding this he is always there to help out.  He made us understand each and every aspects of how kidney stone happens and what all treatments can be done according to the complexity. He examined all the reports thoroughly and discussed with us about the situation and advised the appropriate method of operation that can be done to achieve best results. Truly he is a good human being though

Ramesh Raghavan

My father is 66 years old before one year he was having problem for passing urine then our family doctor suggested Dr. Dhake's name after meeting with Dr. Dhake sir it was really very great experience after getting operated my father’s urine/prostate problem solved 100% .He  is excellent human being and helpful in nature. Thank you Dr.Dhake sir for your valuable support.

Saai Coats

I was diagnosed with kidney stone trapped in ureter which resulted in infection in kidney. Underwent  DJ stenting process then crushing of stones with laser. Doctor was soft spoken and very helpful in guiding us throughout the process. The entire procedure was carried in a very systematic manner.

Mekhla RC

Hi all my name is Mudassar Qureshi. I was suffering from kidney stone since 2 years and tried lot of medicine (Ayurveda and different methods) to remove the stone, however no success. Last week I was in serious pain done Sonography in which it shows the stone of 12mm, hence searched for best urologist and found Dr. Rajesh Dhake and from reviews I got confidence and booked appointment immediately. After meeting doctor I got confidence to go for surgery as I was afraid and was avoiding. Finally on 16th August 2019 I went through the surgery at Ratna Memorial Hospital in Pune. In OT the staff were ready, there was anesthesia doctor along with Dhake sir. The operation went smoothly and I am feeling better now. I would suggest people suffering from kidney stones please contact Dhake sir as he is having huge experience also a very good human being as after operation too he suggested the precautions. Finally I can say my treatment was in very safe hands of Dr. Rajesh Dhake sir for which I am thankful to him.

Mudassar Qureshi

I’m 52 year old male.2 months back I had abdominal pain and my urine stopped completely and I was admitted to Dhanvantari hospital on emergency. Then sonography was done and it showed stone in tube below kidney on both sides. Then I met Dr. Rajesh Dhake. He advised to do emergency B/L DJ stenting and we did same at night. I became normal within few days. Then my stone removal surgery Rt RIRS andLt URS was done at Ratna memorial Hospital. (RT side 14 mm stone and Lt Side 16 mm stone) with laser. And surgery was successful and my all stones was removed and after 2 weeks DJ stent was also removed. I am very impressed with Dr.  Rajesh Dhake approach towards patients and he was very helpful throughout treatment process. He is very humble doctor I ever met. He has given new life to me. Thank you doctor for everything.

Bhimrao Jadhav

My mother (age 62) was suffering severe pain in right side of the stomach. Hence we went to our native family doctor in Jalgaon and as per his suggestion performed sonography and come to know that right kidney size is 3 times bigger than normal kidney. Then we consulted Dr. Rajesh Dhake at his clinic in wakad and as suggested by him performed CT scan abdomen and pelvis in star imaging at Joshi Hospital Pune. After seeing the report Dr. Rajesh Dhake told for the operation to remove damaged right kidney. Hence we decided to go for the operation and admitted at Ratna Memorial hospital where Dr. Rajesh Dhake and his team conducted operation successfully. After 5 days got the discharge from hospital. Now my mother is well and she is doing her routine work independently. Throughout all above process Dr. Rajesh Dhake was available on Mobile always for any sort of query and guided us properly. I recommend Dr. Rajesh Dhake for any kidney related issues.

Nitin Rane

I was suffering from strong pain during my field work so I visited Doctor where I got to know that due to kidney stone my urine is blocked as stone is stucked in urine passage so I had to do emergency stenting as my kidney enlarged due to urine accommodation and it was critical stage . As per sonographic report there were 3 stones in kidney 2 in kidney internal part and 1 in urine passage after stent implementation my kidney was in routine function creatinine was normal then I was referred by my doctor for procedure called RIRS as my stones were at critical parts of kidney there were two process one drilling at kidney and stone removal and other RIRS that is the procedure where flexible cable is placed in kidney by urine passage without surgery and due to it has Camera and flexible cable with bucket( for stone removal) it is surgery free treatment by procedure method, I mate doctor RAJESH DHAKE sir and got the total idea for treatment and under his excellent skills I was operated for stone removal IN RATNA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL at minimum price as compared to other hospital prices . This RIRS procedure is total safe and good surgery free treatment Dr.  RAJESH sir removed my all 3 stones and also Stent and I am now totally good and back to my work. Thank you so much sir for everything. And buts really best technique and very safe and perfectly done by Rajesh Sir.

Pawan Patil

Dr.dhake is one of the best kidney specialist. My father suffering from two kidney stone one in kidney n other one(19mm) stone is out of the kidney. Because of that 2nd stone urine get blocked in kidney n it cause infection in kidney. Then doctor keep the stent for 10 to 15 days to remove the infection and then operation done by laser treatment and dr. .dhake remove both stone from kidney. And after operation he keep stent for 2weeks to remove blood from kidney. Now my dad is totally fit and fine. Doctor with best nature very polite to everyone.

Ashish Pawar

This is to make all friends who are suffering from Kidney Stones. It was started 4 Months ago with huge intense back pain when measured through sonography it was 11.5*5.5 mm, I was on oral medication so I can dissolve and excrete normally however on 8th June 2019 I woke up with huge pain and few instances of vomiting led me to search for Good Urologist. I found Dr. Rajesh Dhake from internet search around PCMC area and consultant at Jupiter Hospital, Believe me guys when I contacted him over phone I have been provided complete awareness on types surgeries and technologies available in the market. We have had discussed about 15-20 Mins I was only asking questions but he was always been keen to answer to my crazy queries (Pain, post impact) as he is aware that what patients are going through with. Finally agreed for Cystoscopy as it is minimal invasion process wherein no cuts and no stitches while removing the stone under general anesthesia. Operation went well within 2 hours I have started recovering with little pain and it was less then stone pain and less than expected pain of surgery. Next day only I have been discharged from hospital with few medicines. What I was thinking before going for surgery and what happened is completely opposite only because of Dr. Rajesh Dhake sir. One more thing he was responding to my WhatsApp messages too which made more confident so i can tell anything on real times basis. Tomorrow going for removing the DJ Stent and its daycare procedure, I am sure that under Dr. Rajesh Dhake sir I will recover within 24 Hours. About Jupiter Hospital - Staff was good and supportive also whenever i told them that i want to talk doctor they connected or got the opinion was requested. Good and Hygiene.  

Shivaprasad Bajantri

My wife (age- 27) was suffering from severe pain in right side of stomach. After performing sonography, we came to know that my wife is having a big 35 mm kidney stone along with other 3-4 stones of average size 8-10 mm in right kidney. Moreover it was also observed that she is having horseshoe shape kidney. I consulted different urologists for treatment including one from very reputed and big hospital. Everyone was saying that operation with horseshoe kidney is critical and we have to perform this operation in two stages and about 7 days hospitalization is required and cost of the process quoted by them was very high. Open surgery was also suggested by one of the doctors. As I was having very good past experience with Dr Rajesh Dhake, I decided to meet him for treatment. He was so much confident about removing all stones in single stage and that too with PCNL. He told us in detail about the issue and answered all our queries very patiently looking at knowledge, past experience and confidence, I decided to perform operation of my wife for kidney stone at Ratna memorial hospital as suggested by Dr. Rajesh Dhake. Ratna memorial hospital is one of the best hospitals in Pune for kidney stone treatment.Dr. Rajesh Dhake removed all kidney stones including 35 mm big one and other 3-4 stones of average size 8-10 mm in single stage successfully. We got discharge from hospital within 2.5 days and cost of the operation was much lower than that quoted by reputed hospital doctors. Dr. Rajesh were very cooperative throughout the process and available always on mobile also. Hence I recommend Dr.  Rajesh Dhake for any kidney stone and urology related problems.

Avinash Pandare

Dr. Rajesh is highly skilled and experienced doctor who helped me in understanding the criticality of the problem and guided me appropriately. I had a kidney stone 4 mm in size. However, it got stuck in the ureter and size increased to 6.5 mm. This was causing acute pain in my lower abdomen. This resulted in swelling of ureter and infection as well resulting in high creatinine (Around 2). He gave me enough time to think about the problem, consequences of not undergoing laser treatment. But, he never forced me to go for it. Rather, he was very friendly and removed all doubts I had regarding laser treatment. Finally, I decided to undergo ureterostomy + DJ Stenting procedure @ Jupiter Hospital, Baner. It is one of the finest hospital I have seen in Pune. The staff was very courteous and team of doctors who were present with Dr. Rajesh were highly professional and expert in their respective fieldI was discharged on the very next day. After 2 days of mild irritation due to stent, I finally got rid of the pain. The stent will be removed today after 2 weeks. I am really thankful to Dr. Rajesh for his guidance. I highly recommend him to everyone who is suffering from such kind of issues.

Amit Datta

Dr. Rajesh dhake was really helpful. My father had a 21 mm stone in his kidney. He suggested us PCNL operation. He successfully operated my father in Ratna Memorial Hospital and my father was discharged after 2 and half days. I must say that Dr. Dhake is really experienced and knowledgeable. He listened to all our queries and helped us out.

Harry Thk

I had problem since last few years with passing urine for which I consulted at least 6-7 doctors including some of well-known ones but my issue was not at all identified or addressed. Somehow I learnt about Dr. Rajesh Dhake from google and I am glad, google helped me with the right contact. ‌He suggested me all right investigation (not a single waste investigation). Problem was identified just in 3-4 days and resolution was properly explained with cost that would involve. I was treated and feel much better now. ‌Doctor is friendly and straight forward. He does not misguide or recommend anything not required. I strongly recommend doctor.

Vijay Sonkar

: I had severe pain in abdomen and back, did sonography and came to know stone in Right kidney of 28 mm and small stones of 8-10mm in other part of kidney. I searched for best urologist & I met DR Dhake Sir, he advised me for PCNL laser treatment & the Best part was whole process of hospitalization, operation and discharge was only 2.5 days span. 1st day: CT scan 9 am, got admitted at 11 am at Ratna memorial hospital & operation at 2 pm. 2nd day: Medication post operation and recovery. 3rd Day: Discharged at noon. I must say Dr. Dhake Sir is the best urologist in Pune region. He has vast knowledge, experience, skills & expertize in his field. Also He is genuine, supportive and available on calls and what's app 24×7. Also he guided me in reimbursement process for claim settlement. I highly recommend Dr. Dhake. Thank you Sir.  

Mukund Patil

I had pain in abdomen and did sonography and came to know stone in Right kidney of 17 mm. and more stones other part of kidney.my weight was 90 kg, I met DR Dhake Sir he advised me to get operated ,I got operated by him in Jupiter hospital. I must say Dr. DhakeSIr is best doctor i met till date , All stones removed Successfully. Dhake Sir is very skillful and jolly person. Very clear explanation and diagnosis of the problem and even he guided me about insurance procedure. I highly recommend Dr. Dhake. Thank you Dr.Dhake Sir .

Chaitanya Inamdar

My father Vijay kulkarni was diagnosed with TVD and suggested for CABG having LVEF 25% while going through this process we came across that he is also having blockages in LOWER URETUR and was important and also equally critical to remove that so for the further process we reached out to Dr.  Rajesh Dhake (Urologist) for his guidance. As per his suggestion we went through process of removing the stones (11mm) by himself through laser treatment successfully at Jupiter Hospital, Baner. Throughout this process Dr Rajesh Dhake has been supportive to us and provide his knowledge to clear out our doubts . Thank you Dr.  Rajesh DhakeSir

Saurabh Kulkarni

I was suffering from the stone in the tube below left kidney. I came to know about Dr.  Rajesh Dhake and consulted him. And got cured with 100%results. Fully satisfied. Very humble doctor and nice person. Surely recommended.

Ranvir Kumar

I had pain in abdomen and did sonography and came to know stone in Right kidney of 25 mm. Then I searched for urologist and found Dr.  Rajesh Dhake and he told me to do x-ray and IVP test and after tests advised to do PCNL and we followed his advice and got operated. 100 % stone was removed and we r satisfied with Dr.  Rajesh Dhake sirs treatment. He is very skilful and genuine person and will recommend him for any urology problem. Thank you doctor so much.

Ajay Tarkase

Dr. Rajesh Dhake is an excellent doctor. He patiently listens to the issues and explains exactly what the problem is and what needs to be done. He foretells the sequence of events that are going to happen in the healing process and hence nothing comes as a shock to you. Dr is easily available on phone at night as well and also responds to WhatsApp. Getting an appointment is also pretty easy and hence the waiting time is also less. I highly recommend Dr. Dhake.

Sushil Taru

Dr. Rajesh Dhake is very good urologist with proper knowledge. He makes sure that he shares all possible information with patients and clears all queries. Operated me for kidney stone. Satisfied very much with overall experience. Thank you.  

Sneha Bidaye

My father is 65 years old. He was having problem while passing urine and for that we consulted urologist and came to know that his prostate is enlarged and started treatment. But was not satisfied with treatment. So we searched on Google and found Dr.  Rajesh Dhake and consulted him at his clinic in waked. Dr. Dhake is wonderful person and expert in his field and we were impressed by his confidence and caring approach towards his patients. He is very good human being. Dr. Dhake listens all problems of patient carefully and patiently and answers all queries regarding treatment. Dr. Dhake is approachable at any time..Receives call at night also for emergency. As the Surgery was recommended for my father's prostate problem, the operation was conducted within two days at Ratna memorial hospital and had smooth recovery after surgery. Now my father is fine and having healthy life. Thank you so much DrDhake. I would highly recommend all patients for kidney and prostate problems, to meet Dr.Rajesh Dhake, as per my personal experience.

Leena asodekar

I got 6 mm kidney stone at left ureter which causing chronic pain & it also blocking urine . Because of all these , I was feeling too much discomfort & chronic pain as well. I consulted Dr. Dhake. Dr. Dhake sir advised me laser surgery & solves all my doubts in a detailed manner . He answered all my questions and as a result I got relief & become ready to go with that surgery. He is very calm & very excellent doctor, always transparent in answering all the questions of a patient because of such nature , patient always feel so comfortable & satisfied. During lockdown period of covid - 19, he has given me extreme support over phone & also become ready to execute that laser surgery and removed stone completely. After that , my all my problems gone away & now I feel completely relief. I must advice this doctor .He is highly experienced doctor. He is a perfectionist in his profession. He is too much kind & supportive for his patients . I am very lucky & glad that I got such a wonderful doctor. I am thankful to Dr. Dhake sir for all his support. Great doctor !

Nisarg Doshi

I my self being a doctor would like to share my experience about Urologist Dr Rajesh Dhake. I had a successful and painless surgery for removal of obstructed renal stone performed by Dr Rajesh Dhake. He is an excellent surgeon ,kind and caring doctor Initially I had visited to some another urologist for the same treatment, but l was not satisfied with the another doctors treatment plan as well as the charges which were told seemed to be very high.l got reference of Dr Dhake from one of my patient. Dr Dhake explained me the diagnosis and gave me options of different surgical procedures He never appeared rushed as we use to visit his clinic late. He is wonderful person and remarkable doctor, I highly recommend him Thank you Doctor.

Sagar Jadhav

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